Inspired by memories of skinny dipping one Australian night, the Nocturne collection conjures up ideas of swimming pools, teenage innocence, modern architecture, and the infinite darkness of nature at night. The collection addresses the harmony between the human body, nature, and architecture.


The setting of that night was re-created via collaged images (arranged in lines and angles inspired by architecture), rather than photographs—mimicking the work of 19th century Impressionist painters who chose to captured moments by hand, despite of the increasing popularity of cameras and photographic accuracy. The reflection of the surroundings on the surface of the water inspired the print placement. Vivid yet carefully chosen colors create a rhythmic quality in the collection, while the contrast between the water and the dry climate of Australia inspired the contrasting choice of fabrics.


Silk double-faced duchess satin, satin, silk wool, and the back of charmeuse are all used to capture the reflections and movement of the pool’s surface at night. The matte finish of the cotton twill, wool super 160, silk faille, and cashmere express the dryness of the air. Fabrics were often doubled for added rigidity (including multiple layers of satin-faced silk organza and cotton organdy) and to support the structured silhouette of the garments.


The prints also influenced the construction of the clothes, for instance in the seam placement or continuous panels of fabric. Lim engineered every detail of the garments and even came up with original shapes for facings in order to support the unusual construction, creating innovative garment details that are both decorative and functional.


The result of Lim’s experimentation resulted in the creation of unique garments with original details. The process of constructing new fundamental garment blocks allowed her to create innumerable garments in her signature angular style. Lim views her unique blocks as a representation of her personal identity, something she is able to refer back to and utilize to support any situation.